issues, 1920–29

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A. Wenzl
Erich Becher: In Memoriam

Kurt Grelling
Realism and Logic:
An Investigation of Russell’s Metaphysics

Charles Hartshorne
Continuity, the Form of Forms,
in Charles Peirce

Robert P. Richardson
The Theory of Universals and the
Individualization of Attributes

Susanne K. Langer
A Set of Postulates for the
Logical Structure of Music

Norman C. Bradish
John Sergeant, a Forgotten Critic of
Descartes and Locke

Henry Margenau
The Problem of Physical Explanation

Felix S. Cohen
What is a Question?

W. Lutos?awski
A Theory of Matter

Marie Collins Swabey
Reason and Nature

Alban G. Widgery
Introductory to a Modern
Philosophy of Religion

Paul Weiss
The Nature of Systems

Durant Drake
Sensations and the Constancy Hypothesis

H. Steinhauer
A Concrete Interpretation of
Schopenhauer’s Notion of the Will

Gregory Vlastos
Whitehead, Critic of Abstractions:
Being the Story of a Philosopher Who Started
with Science and Ended with Metaphysics

Herman Hausheer
Plato’s Conception of the Future as
Opposed to Spengler’s

Rufus Suter
Necessity in the Philosophy of
Giordano Bruno

Marie Collins Swabey
The Universe and Universals

Alexander William Stern
The Role of Mathematics in
Modern Physical Theory

Kurt E. Rosinger
The Formalization of Implication

Paul Weiss
The Nature of Systems

Eugenio Rignano
Outlines of a System of Morality
Based on the Harmony of Life

H.W. Wright
Empirical Idealism in Outline

Henry N. Wieman
The Philosophy of Worship

George A. Wilson
The Search for the Concrete

Helen M. Smith
Sensible Appearances,
Sense-Data, and Sensations

Homer H. Dubs
The Psychophysical Problem?
A Neglected Solution

Robert P. Richardson
Relativity and Its Precursors

A.P. Uchenko
Aristotelian Logic and the
Logic of Classes

F.S.C. Northrop
A Reply, Emphasizing the
Existential Import of Propositions

L.P. Chambers
The Search for Certainty

Charles W. Morris
Neo-Pragmatism and the
Ways of Knowing

A.K. Majumdar
A Personalistic Conception of Nature

Paul Weiss
Relativity in Logic

Charles M. Attlee

Joseph Ratner
The Foundations of Adler’s
Ethical Philosophy

Paul Crissman
Dewey’s Theory of the Moral Good

William F. Clarke
The Idea of God in a
Philosophy of Events

J.R. Kantor
Can Psychology Contribute to the
Study of Linguistics?

S. Frank
The Problem of Reality

G.A. Johnston
Sensations, Sense-Data,
Physical Objects and Reality

David R. Major
Man is Organic to Nature

Charles W. Morris
The Prediction Theory of Truth

A. Cornelius Benjamin
On the Formation of Constructs

George H. Langley
The Temporal and the Eternal

L.P. Chambers
The Dialectic of Religion

A.K. Sharma
The Relation Between
Buddhism and the Upanishads

John Dewey
Social as a Category

J.E. Turner
The Character of Reality

F.S.C. Northrop
An Internal Inconsistency in
Aristotelian Logic

Charner M. Perry
Language and Thought

Ovidia Hansing
The Doctrine of Recollection
in Plato’s Dialogues

Lyman V. Cady
Wang Yang Ming’s Doctrine
of Intuitive Knowledge

L.L. Bernard
The Development of Methods
in Sociology

F.S. Marvin
The Restoration of Science

Arthur E. Murphy
Alexander’s Metaphysic
of Space-Time, III

Arthur E. Christy
Emerson’s Debt to the Orient

Edward L. Schaub
Recent Interpretations of
Religion in America and Great Britain

Kurt Grelling
Philosophy of the Exact Sciences:
Its Present Status in Germany

A. Wenzl
Contemporary German Psychology

A.K. Wadia, Philosophy and Religion

Roy Wood Sellars, Current Realism in Great Britain and the United States

C.O. Weber, The Reality of Time and the Autonomy of History

W.A. Shimer, Evolution of Relativity

W.H. Johnston, Hegel and Freud

G. W. Coopland, Nicolas Oresme’s Livre De Divinacion

Siney Hook, The Metaphysics of the Instrument: Part Two

Arthur E. Murphy, Alexander’s Metaphysic of Space-Time (II)

Eugenio Rignano, The Finalism of Psychical Processes: Its Nature and Its Origin

Coriolano Alberini, Contemporary Philosophic Tendencies in South America, With Special Reference to Argentina

Sidney Hook, The Metaphysics of the Instrument: Part One

Arthur E. Murphy, Alexander’s Metaphysic of Space-Time (I)

G. E. G. Catlin, Is Politics a Branch of Ethics?

A. K. Sharma, The Psychological Basis of Autosuggestion

Olaf Stapledon, A Theory of the Unconscious

Maude Bodkin, Literary Criticism and the Study of the Unconscious

Eugenio Rignano, Report of the International Congress of Psychology at Groningen

L.L. Bernard, Hereditary and Environmental Factors in Human Behavior

I.W. Howerth, The First Principle of Social Evolution

A. E. Heath, The Notion of Intelligibility in Scientific Thought

E.T. Mitchell, Kantian Relativity

William Curtis Swabey, The System of Bradley

Charles E. Whitmore, The Autonomy of Esthetics

A.E. Freeman, The Nature of Coherence in Aesthetics

G.M.A. Grube, Plato’s Theory of Beauty

Oliver L. Reiser, A Spiritual Behaviorism

Marie Collins Swabey, Science and Subjectivity

S. Frank, Contemporary Russian Philosophy

Emmanuel Leroux, The Philosophy of Religion in French speaking Countries from 1914 to 1925

W.P. Blevin, The Theory of Sensa: An Aspect of Current Realism

Louis Arnaud Reid, The Appearance of Values

D. Luther Evans, The Religious Relevancy of Recent Realism

James Byrnie Shaw, Mathematical Reality

Arnold Dresden, Mathematics and Natural Science

Winthrop Parkhurst, W. J. Kingsland, Jr, Infinity and the Infinitesimal (concluded): Part III

Roy Wood Sellars, Realism and Evolutionary Naturalism: A Reply to Professor Hoernlé

R. F. Alfred Hoernlé, Realism and Evolutionary Naturalism: A Reply to Professor Sellars

C. Lloyd Morgan, Influence and Reference: A Biological Approach to Philosophical Problems

R. F. Alfred Hoernlé, Idealism and Evolutionary Naturalism

M. C. Otto, Instrumentalism

Harold R. Smart, Logical Theory

Wilbur M. Urban, Value Theory and Aesthetics

Henry W. Wright, Ethics and Social Philosophy

B. M. Laing, Hume and the Contemporary Theory of Instinct

A. A. Roback, Psychology as an American Science

Seymour Guy Martin, History of Philosophy

D. Parodi, General Philosophy

Andre Lalande, Logic and the Methodology of the Sciences: (Translated from the French by Gertrude C. Bussey)

Georges Guy-Grand, Principal Currents of Ethical Thought: (Translated from the French by Edward L. Schaub)

Maryse Choisy, Aesthetics

Paul Masson-Oursel, History of Philosophy: (Translated from the French by Germaine and Louis Landré)

Jean Piaget, Psychology: (Translated from the French by Marthe Sturm)

Georges Davy, Sociology: (Translated from the French by Frances Noble)

Ed. Claparede, Pedagogical Tendencies: (Translated from the French by Edward L. Schaub)

Eugene Osty, Metaphysics and Philosophy: (Translated from the French by Nina Winans)

Hartley Burr Alexander, In the Eyes of Youth

Harald Hoffding, Philosophy in the North in the Last Decade: Norway, Denmark, and Sweden

Arthur Liebert, Contemporary Metaphysics in Germany: (Translated from the German by Edward L. Schaub)

Paul F. Linke, The Present Status of Logic and Epistemology in Germany: (Translated from the German by Edward L. Schaub)

Albert Gorland, Concerning the Most Recent German Publications on the History of Philosophy and Its Methodology: (Translated by Hans Kurath and Edward L. Schaub)

Hans Driesch, The Present Status of the Philosophy of Nature in Germany

Max Dessoir, Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art in Contemporary Germany: (Translated from the German by Edward L. Schaub)

S. Bovensiepen, Main Tendencies in Contemporary Legal and Political Philosophy in Germany: (Translated from the German by Edweard L. Schaub)

A. Cornelius Benjamin, To Exist or Not to Exist

H. H. Price, A Realist View of Illusion and Error

William Curtis Swabey, Philosophie der symbolischen Formen

James Ward, An Introduction to Philosophy

G. F. Stout, Ward As a Psychologist

W. R. Sorley, Ward’s Philosophy of Religion

Emmanuel Leroux, James Ward’s Doctrine of Experience

J. Laird, James Ward’s Account of the Ego

H. C. Dowdall, The Application of Ward’s Psychology to the Legal Problem of Corporate Entity

Sterling P. Lamprecht, James Ward’s Critique of Naturalism

J. E. Turner, The Ethical Implications of Ward’s Philosophy

James Ward, E. B. Titchener, W. S. Foster, A List of the Writings of James Ward: 1874-1925

Martin Schutze, Herder’s Psychology

J. E. Turner, Nature and Ultra-Nature

J. R. Haldane, Gravitation: A Simplified Theory of Relativity

J. Albert Haldi, Mechanism and Vitalism: A Criticism of Loeb’s “Regeneration”

Oliver L. Reiser, An Electromagnetic Theory of Matter, Life, and Mind

Winthrop Parkhurst, W. J. Kingsland, Jr, Infinity and the Infinitesimal: Part One

R.M. Wenley, Huxley in his Epoch

R.D. Carmichael, Meaning in the Case of Mathematical Postulates

Ezra B. Crooks, The Pragmatic Absolute

Susan Miles, Intuition and Beauty

William Christie MacLeod, The Original Nature of Man in Early Chinese Speculation

Ivor B. Hart, The Physical Science of Leonardo da Vinci: A Survey

C.F. Liu, The Vitality of Lao-Tze’s Philosophy

R.D. Carmichael, Carmichael’s Reply to Klyce

S. Klyce, Klyce’s Rebuttal

Edward L. Schaub, The Legacy of Kant

G.T.W. Patrick, The Need and Possibility of an Imperativistic Ethics

Martin Schütze, The Cultural Environment of the Philosophy of Kant

Joseph A. Leighton, Kant, the Seminal Thinker

Edward Scribner Ames, The Religion of Immanuel Kant

S.G. Martin, Kant as a Student of Natural Science

J.H. Farley, Kant’s Philosophy of Religion

E.L. Hinman, Kant’s Philosophy of Law

J.F. Crawford, Kant’s Doctrine Concerning Perpetual Peace

E.F. Carritt, The Sources and Effects in England of Kant’s Philosophy of Beauty

F.S.C. Northrop, Relativity and the Relation of Science to Philosophy

Joseph Needham, The Philosophical Basis of Biochemistry

B. M. Laing, The Contemporary Theory of Instinct

Maximilian Winter, Time and Hereditary Mechanics

Oliver L. Reiser, Fossils of the Mind

Harry Elmer Barnes, Dynamic Politics and the New History

G. Mittag-Leffler, Number: An Introduction to the Theory of Analytic Functions: (Continued)

Henry Lanz, The New Phenomenology

Louis Arnaud Reid, Reason and Freedom

A. J. Snow, Newton’s Objections to Descartes’s Astronomy

J. C. McKerrow, A New Natural Theology

O. Stapledon, The Problem of Universals

H. Wildon Carr, The Crucial Problem in Monadology

S. Klyce, Foundations of Mathematics

Alan D. Campbell, The Role of Sequences in Our Search for Truth

G. Mittag-Leffler, Number: An Introduction to the Theory of Analytic Functions

James Byrnie Shaw, Science and Mysticism

Raymond Lenoir, Systems of Aesthetics in France

Oliver L. Reiser, Creative Monism

Anders Karitz, Thomas Thorild: A Characterization

Raymond Holder Wheeler, Freedom vs. Determinism in Relation to the Dynamic vs. the Static

Marie Collins Swabey, Mr. G. E. Moore’s Discussion of Sense Data

R. M. Wenley, Immanuel Kant (1724-1924)

Raymond Lenoir, Lamarck

Joseph Ratner, George Santayana: A Philosophy of Piety

Seba Eldridge, Imperfect Correlations Between the Physical and the Vital

F. Lincoln Hutchins, Human Nature

R. Petsch, The Sacred

J. Alexander Gunn, Ribot and His Contribution to Psychology

Harry Elmer Barnes, Theories of the Origin of the State in Classical Political Philosophy

R.D. Carmichael, The Structure of Exact Thought

J.M. Thorburn, Analytic Psychology and Religious Symbolism

W.B. Mahan, The Right and the Good in Theory and Practice

John J. Birch, A-Priorism and Empiricism

Oliver L. Reiser, Life as a Form of Chemical Behavior

Howard R. Moore, The Unity of Science; An Outline

R.D. Carmichael, Concerning the Postulational Treatment of Empirical Truth

Raymond Holder Wheeler, The Static and the Dynamic in the Logic of Science

Margaret Winfield Stewart, Our “Sex Complex” and What Produced It

Donald Cary Williams, The Principle of Alternation

F. Lincoln Hutchins, The Psychic Nature

A. J. Snow, Descartes’ Method and the Revival of Interest in Mathematics

William Benjamin Smith, Nuptials in High Life

Thomas Greenwood, The Significance of the Space-Time Continuum

J.E. Turner, The Problem of Freedom

James Byrnie Shaw, Cause, Purpose, Creativity

Julian S. Huxley, Biology and Sociology

Herbert Nichols, A Crisis in Science

William M. Dickie, “Form” and “Simple Nature” in Bacon’s Philosophy

M. C. Otto, Philosophy and the Synthesis of Knowledge

J. Laird, The Group Mind and the General Will

A. J. Snow, Spinoza’s Use of the “Euclidean Form” of Exposition

H. Bompas Smith, Plato and Modern Education

G. H. Turnbull, Fichte on Education

F. Lincoln Hutchins, The Psychic Nature: Parts 4-6

J. E. Turner, The Failure of Bergsonism

L. L. Bernard, A Criticism of the Psychoanalysts’ Theory of the Libido

L. G. Struthers, Rationalism and Religious Experience

Dorothea Waley Singer, A Generalized Basis of Faith

H. H. Williams, What Is an Antinomy?

W. McDougall, Mr. W. J. Perry on “Pugnacity”

J.E. Greaves, Some Interpretations of Life Phenomena and Their Practical Significance

Joshua C. Gregory, Memory, Forgetfulness, and Mistakes of Recognition in Waking and Dreaming

Harry Elmer Barnes, The Natural State of Man: (An Historical Resumé)

G. Elliott Smith, Freud’s Speculations in Ethnology

F. Lincoln Hutchins, The Psychic Nature

W. J. Perry, Pugnacity

A. E. Taylor, Doctor McTaggart on the Nature of Existence

Louis Arnaud Reid, Ethics, Morality, and Metaphysical Assumptions

H. E. Cunningham, Perception and Nature

C. E. M. Joad, A Criticism of Critical Realism

James Byrnie Shaw, The Spirit of Research

V. T. Thayer, A Comparison of the Ethical Philosophies of Spinoza and Hobbes

R. D. Carmichael, The Logic of Discovery

William Benjamin Smith, Sprengler’s Theory of the Historical Process

James Lindsay, The Philosophy of Possibility

T. V. Smith, Dewey’s Theory of Value

C. Delisle Burns, History and Philosophy

Norbert Wiener, The Relation of Space and Geometry to Experience: Lectures VII-VIII, Harvard University, Fall 1915

J. E. Turner, The Failure of Critical Realism

Ernst Cassirer, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Considered from the Epistemological Standpoint: Sections VI-VII

C. O. Weber, The Psycho-Genesis of Space

James Lindsay, The Realism of Tongiorgi

Wesley Raymond Wells, The Fallacy of Exclusive Scientific Methodology

Fred Rothwell, Emile Boutroux

J. Alexander Gunn, The Philosophy of Emile Boutroux

Emile Boutroux, The Trend of Modern Thought: (Authorized translation by Fred Rothwell)

Milton Harrison, Mental Instability as a Factor in Progress

Norbert Weiner, The Relation of Space and Geometry to Experience: Lectures IV-VI, Harvard University, Fall 1915

Ernst Cassirer, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Considered from the Epistemological Standpoint: Sections III-V

F. Raleigh Batt, Psychology and Law

F. A. Cavenagh, Samuel Butler and Education

Eugenio Rignano, A Liberal Socialistic Programme

Norbert Wiener, The Relation of Space and Geometry to Experience: Lectures I-III, Harvard University, Fall 1915

L. L. Bernard, Religion and Theology

Ernst Cassirer, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Considered from the Epistemological Standpoint: Sections 1-2

George A. Barrow, Science and Self-Sacrifice

D. T. Praigg, Death (Poem)

B. H. Somerville, The Economics of Morality

William Benjamin Smith, Relativity and its Philosophical Implications: (Address delivered at the New Orleans meeting of the Southern Society of Psychology and Philosophy, Apr 1920)

James Lindsay, Leibniz on Truth and Being

George P. Conger, Evolution and Epitomization

J. M. Thorburn, Art and the Unconscious

Charles E. Whitmore, Cross Purposes in Aesthetic Theory

Maximilien Winter, The Principles of the Functional Calculus: (Authorized translation by Fred Rothwell)

M. Picard, The Production of Psychic States

Emile Boutroux, The Essence of Religion

Edmund Noble, Does “Evolution” Explain?

J.E. Turner, The General Nature of the Conditions Which Determine Development

J.E. Fries, “Relativity”: A Searchlight on Human Perception

Raphael Demos, Memory as Knowledge of the Past

Albert R. Chandler, The Aesthetic Categories

Joshua C. Gregory, Thought and Mental Image, Art and Imitation: A Parallel

Maximilien Winter, On the Logical Introduction to the Theory of Functions: (Authorized translation by Fred Rothwell)

A. A. Himwich, Man as a Mutant

John Laird, Mental Spaciousness

B. Muscio, Psychology as Behaviorism

J. E. Turner, The Elements of Croce’s Aesthetic – A Criticism

George Boas, Parmenides and Authority

R. W. Sellars, The Requirements of an Adequate Naturalism

Victor A. Endersby, Einsteinian Space and the Probable Nature of Being

Ralph M. Eaton, The Meaning of Chance

H. H. Williams, Reconstruction in Philosophy

Henry Bradford Smith, On Certain Supposed Fallacies of the Classical Logic

R. D. Carmichael, The Song of Fire

L.L. Bernard, Herbert Spencer’s Work in the Light of His Life

W. O. Brigstocke, Logical Fictions: Sections VI, VII, VIII, and IX

Sanford A. Moss, A Mechanic on the “Mechanism of the Brain”

C. Delisle Burns, A Defect in Current Political Philosophy

Wesley Raymond Wells, Natural Checks on Human Progress

R. M. Wenley, Nietzsche-Traffics and Discoveries

H. H. Williams, The Education of Henry Adams

James Westfall Thompson, The Ethical Significance of Time

Joshua C. Gregory, The Conception of Thought as a Cyclic Process

James Lindsay, The Logic and Metaphysics of Occam

W.O. Brigstocke, Logical Fictions: Sections IV and V

R.W. Sellars, Evolutionary Naturalism and the Mind-Body Problem

J.M. Thorburn, Mysticism and Art

Dorothy Wrinch, On the Theory of Probabilities

L.L. Bernard, The Function of Generalization

Gerald A. Katuin, What Is Essential in Teaching Philosophy?

R.W. Sellars, Space and Time

Raymond Lenoir, The Psychology of Ribot and Contemporary Thought

W.O. Brigstocke, Logical Fictions: Section III

S.N. Patten, Cosmic Processes

Albert J. Edmunds, The End of Mark in the Curetonian Syriac

W. Curtis Swabey, On Realism

L.L. Pimenoff, Freedom in the World-Soul

Philip E.B. Jourdain, Elliptic Orbits and the Growth of the Third Law with Newton

Philip E.B. Jourdain, Newton’s Theorems on the Attraction of Spheres

J. E. Turner, The Conservation of Values in the Universe

Roy Wood Sellars, The Status of the Categories

W.O. Brigstocke, Logical Fictions: Sections I and II

Margaret W. Landes, Richard Burthogge, His Life and His Place in the History of Philosophy

Emile Boutroux, The Characteristics of Modern Philosophy

M. Jourdain, Leonardo da Vinci: Born 1542, Died 1519)

Radoslav A. Tsanoff, Immortality and Monadistic Idealism

Richard C. Schiedt, Ernst Heinrich Haeckel. An Appreciation

Philip E. B. Jourdain, The Analytical Treatment of Newton’s Problems

Juul Dieserud, Space and the World in Space

Hans Friedenthal, The New Number of the Cosmic Sand: On the Extent of the Universe and the Limits of Space and Time

Tenney L. Davis, The Text of Alchemy and the Songe-Verd

S. N. Patten, An Analysis of Mental Defects

H. H. Williams, What Is a Relation?

S. N. Patten, Wish and Will. A Reply to Mr. Salter’s Letter

William M. Salter, Reflections on Professor Patten’s Views

Paul Haupt, The Crib of Christ