Issues, 2010–Present

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Advisory Editor: John Haldane

John Haldane
Ethics, Aesthetics, and Practical Philosophy

Roger Scruton
Why Beauty Matters

Ionut Untea
Homelessness in the Urban Landscape: Beyond Negative Aesthetics

Sondra Bacharach
Finding Your Voice in the Streets: Street Art and Epistemic Injustice

Eun Jung Kang
Fashion and the Aesthetic Aspects of Social Life

Nick Zangwill
Hotel Paintings and the Function of Art: Everyday Artistic Phenomena and Methodology in the Philosophy of Art

Gordon Graham
Art, Therapy, and Design

Bence Nanay
The Aesthetic Experience of Artworks and Everyday Scenes

Edward Winters
The World Is Not Enough

Anna Christina Ribiero
Aesthetic Luck

Lauren Ware and Alfred Archer
Beyond the Call of Beauty: Everyday Aesthetic Demands under Patriarchy

Advisory Editor: Werner Ceusters

Murat Aydede
Defending the IASP Definition of Pain

Frédérique de Vignemont
Pain and Touch

Michael Tye
Are Pains Feelings?

Bence Nanay
Pain and Mental Imagery

Nada Gligorov
Don’t Worry, This Will Only Hurt a Bit: The Role of Expectation and Attention in Pain Intensity

Grant Duncan
The Meanings of ‘Pain’ in Historical, Social, and Political Context

Advisory Editors: Angela Breitenbach and Michela Massimi

Zvi Biener and Eric Schliesser
The Certainty, Modality, and Grounding of Newton’s Laws

James Kreines
Kant on the Laws of Nature: Restrictive Inflationism and Its Philosophical Advantages

Lydia Patton
Kantian Essentialism in the Metaphysical Foundations

Chris Smeenk and Yann Benétreau-Dupin
The Cosmos As Involving Local Laws and Inconceivable without Them

Philippe Huneman
Kant’s Concept of Organism Revisited: A Framework for a Possible Synthesis between Developmentalism and Adaptationism?

Angela Breitenbach and Yoon Choi
Pluralism and the Unity of Science

Michela Massimi
Laws of Nature, Natural Properties, and the Robustly Best System

Marc Lange
Is Kantian Projectivism the Only Hope for Grounding the Principal Principle? (No.)

Advisory Editor: Gary Kemp

Gary Kemp
Is Everything a Set? Quine and (Hyper)Pythagoreanism

Sean Morris
The Significance of Quine’s New Foundations for the Philosophy of Set Theory

Adam Rieger
Was Quine Right About Subjunctive Conditionals?

John Divers
How Skeptical Is Quine’s “Modal Skepticism”?

Peter Hylton
Carnap and Quine on the Nature of Evidence (and the Nature of Philosophy)

Martin Gustafsson
Quine on Translation and Logical Deviance

Frederique Janssen-Lauret
The Quinean Roots of Lewis’s Humeanism

James Pearson
Caring for Quine’s Don’t-Cares

Lieven Decock
Quine’s “Strictly Vegetarian” Analyticity

Advisory Editor: Uriah Kriegel

Johannes L. Brandl
Was Brentano an Early Deflationist About Truth?

Anna Giustina
Conscious Unity from the Top Down: A Brentanian Approach

Marion Hämmerli and Olivier Massin
Is Purple a Red and Blue Chessboard? Brentano on Colour Mixtures

Michelle Montague
A Contemporary View of Brentano’s Theory of Emotion

Kevin Mulligan
Brentano’s Knowledge, Austrian Verificationisms, and Epistemic Accounts of Truth and Value

Jonas Olson
Two Kinds of Ethical Intuitionism: Brentano’s and Reid’s

Hamid Taieb
Intentionality and Reference: A Brentanian Distinction

Mark Textor
From Mental Holism to the Soul and Back

Advisory Editors: Martin Beckstein and Francis Cheneval

Martin Beckstein and Francis Cheneval
Conservatism: Analytically Reconsidered

Geoffrey Brennan and Alan Hamlin
Practical Conservatism

Geoffrey Brennan and Alan Hamlin
Conservative Value

Vanessa Rampton
The Impossibility of Conservatism? An Example from Russian History

Nir Eyal and Emma Dayer-Tieffenbach
Incommensurability and Trade

Jonathan Pugh, Guy Kahane, and Julian Savulescu
Bioconservatism, Partiality, and the Human-Nature Objection to Enhancement

Kieron O’Hara
Conservatism, Epistemology, and Value

Kristóf Nyíri
Conservatism and Common-Sense Realism

Advisory Editor: Fiora Salis

Roman Frigg and James Nguyen
The Fiction View of Models Reloaded

Fiora Salis
The Nature of Model-World Comparisons

Alisa Bokulich
Fiction As a Vehicle for Truth: Moving Beyond the Ontic Conception

Adam Toon
Fictionalism and the Folk

Gregory Currie
Models As Fictions, Fictions As Models

Elay Shech
Fiction, Depiction, and the Complementarity Thesis in Art and Science

Advisory Editor: Mark Alfano

Julia Driver
Minimal Virtue

Mauro Rossi and Christine Tappolet
Virtue, Happiness, and Well-Being

Peggy DesAutels
Power, Virtue, and Vice

Jacob Berger and Mark Alfano
Virtue, Situationism, and the Cognitive Value of Art

Quassim Cassam
Vice Epistemology

Ian James Kidd
Charging Others with Epistemic Vice

Brian Robinson
Character, Caricature, and Gossip

Noell Birondo
Virtue and Prejudice: Giving and Taking Reasons

Advisory Editor: Asa Kasher

Philip J. Rossi
War As Morally Unintelligible: Sovereign Agency and the Limits of Kantian Autonomy

David C. Graves
Martial Arts and the Artworld

Hilly Moodrick-Even Khen
Aidōs and Dikē in International Humanitarian Law: Is IHL a Legal or a Moral System?

Kevin P. Tobia
The Language of War

David Whetham
“Are We Fighting Yet?” Can Traditional Just War Concepts Cope With Contemporary Conflict and the Changing Character of War?

Christopher J. Eberle
Rights, Goods, and Proportionate War

Elad Uzan
Soldiers, Civilians, and In Bello Proportionality: A Proposed Revision

Advisory Editor: Patti Tamara Lenard

Patti Tamara Lenard
The Political Philosophy of Trust and Distrust in Democracies and Beyond

Paul Gowder
What the Laws Demand of Socrates—and of Us

Yann Allard-Tremblay
Trust and Distrust in the Achievement of Popular Control

Meena Krishnamurthy
(White) Tyranny and the Democratic Value of Distrust

Phil Parvin
Is Deliberative Democracy Feasible? Political Disengagement and Trust in Liberal Democratic States

Amandine Catala
Democracy, Trust, and Epistemic Justice

Alice MacLachlan
“Trust Me, I’m Sorry”: The Paradox of Public Apology

Neus Torbisco Casals
Beyond Altruism? Globalizing Democracy in the Age of Distrust

Advisory Editors: Javier Cumpa and Peter M. Simons

Otávio Bueno, Jacob Busch, & Scott A. Shalkowski
The No-Category Ontology

A.R.J. Fisher
Samuel Alexander’s Theory of Categories

Dale Jacquette
Categories and Preferences Among Category Systems

Fraser MacBride & Frederique Janssen-Lauret
Metaontology, Epistemology, and Essence: On the Empirical Deduction of the Categories

Gary S. Rosenkrantz
Life and Death

Johanna Seibt
Ontological Scope and Linguistic Diversity: Are There Universal Categories?

Erwin Tegtmeier
Particulars and Other Categories

Advisory Editors: Mario De Caro and Maurizio Ferraris

Mario De Caro & Maurizio Ferraris

Graham Harman
Fear of Reality: On Realism and Infra-Realism

Lynne Rudder Baker
Ontology Down-to-Earth

Iain Hamilton Grant

Vincenzo Santarcangelo & Enrico Terrone
Sounds and Other Denizens of Time

Markus Gabriel
Neutral Realism

Mario De Caro
Realism, Common Sense, and Science

Maurizio Ferraris
Transcendental Realism

Advisory Editors: Karen Green and Ruth Hagengruber

Karen Green and Ruth Hagengruber

Sarah Hutton
‘Blue-Eyed Philosophers Born on Wednesdays’: An Essay on Women and History of Philosophy

Mary Ellen Waithe
From Canon Fodder to Canon-Formation: How Do We Get There from Here?

Ruth Hagengruber
Cutting Through the Veil of Ignorance: Rewriting the History of Philosophy

Luka Boršić and Ivana Skuhala Karasman
Isotta Nogarola—The Beginning of Gender Equality in Europe

Andreas Blank
Mary Astell on Flattery and Self-Esteem

Jessica Gordon-Roth
Catharine Trotter Cockburn’s Defence of Locke

Jacqueline Broad
“A Great Championess for Her Sex”: Sarah Chapone on Liberty As Nondomination and Self-Mastery

Karen Green
A Moral Philosophy of Their Own? The Moral and Political Thought of Eighteenth-Century British Women

Sandrine Berges
Sophie de Grouchy on the Cost of Domination in the Letters on Sympathy and Two Anonymous Articles in Le Républicain

Katarina Loncarevic
A Feminist Philosopher on the Fringe of History: Ksenija Atanasijevic and Ancient Greek Philosophy

Advisory Editors: Francesco Berto, Frederick Kroon, and Alberto Voltolini

Francesco Berto, Frederick Kroon, and Alberto Voltolini
Metaontology: Introduction

Graham Priest
Sein Language

Jody Azzouni
Freeing Talk of Nothing from the Cognitive illusion of aboutness

Chris Daly & David Liggins
Indefence of Existence Questions

Peter Van Inwagen
Fictionalist Nominalism and Applied Mathematics

Cian Dorr
Quantifier Variance and the Collapse Theorems

Kyle Mitchell
Pragmatism, Joint-Carving, and Ontology

Giorgio Lando & Giuseppe Spolaore
Transcendental Disagreement

Advisory Editor: Paul Humphreys

Anouk Barberousse & Cyrille Imbert
Recurring Models and Sensitivity to Computational Constraints

Tarja Knuuttila & Andrea Loettgers
Magnets, Spins, and Neurons: The Dissemination of Model Templates Across Disciplines

Seth Bullock
Levins and the Lure of Artificial Worlds

Alisa Bokulich
How the Tiger Bush Got Its Stripes: ‘How Possibly’ Vs. ‘How Actually’ Model Explanations

Johannes Lenhard
Autonomy and Automation: Computational Modeling, Reduction, and Explanation in Quantum Chemistry

Eckhart Arnold
What’s Wrong With Social Simulations?

OtáVio Bueno
Computer Simulations: An Inferential Conception

Claus Beisbart
Are We Sims? How Computer Simulations Represent and What This Means for the Simulation Argument

Advisory Editors: Maurizio Ferraris and Leonardo Caffo

Leonardo Caffo

Enrico Terrone
Traces, Documents, and the Puzzle of “Permanent Acts”

Michael Buckland
Documentality Beyond Documents

Jean-Michel Salaün
Why the Document is Important…and How it Is Becoming Transformed

Maurizio Ferraris
Total Mobilization: Recording, Documentality, Normativity

Barry Smith and David Koepsell
Beyond Paper

Luca Martignani
Feline Microchip: An Exercise in the Sociology of Documentality

Boris Hennig
Documents: Fillers of Informational Gaps

Advisory Editor: Bence Nanay

Bence Nanay
The Dethroning of Ideocracy: Robert Musil as a Philosopher

Philip Kitcher
The Youth Without Qualities

Achille C. Varzi
Musil’s Imaginary Bridge

Sabine Döring
What is an Emotion? Musil’s Adverbial Theory

Kevin Mulligan
Foolishness, Stupidity, and Cognitive Values

Barbara Sattler
Contingency and Necessity: Human Agency in Musil’s The Man Without Qualities

Catrin Misselhorn
Musil’s Metaphysical View: Between Philosophical Naturalism and Philosophy as Literature

Philippe Mach
Ethics and Aesthetics: Reuniting the Siamese Twins

Catherine Wilson
Mach, Musil, and Modernism

Advisory Editor: Tamás Demeter

Tamás Demeter
Mental Fictionalism: The Very Idea

Adam Morton
Imaginary Emotion

Richard Joyce
Psychological Fictionalism, and the Threat of Fictionalist Suicide

Mark Sprevak
Fictionalism about Neural Representation

Chris Daly
Psychology and Indispensability

Daniel Hutto
Fictionalism about Folk Psychology

Ted Parent
In the Mental Fiction, Mental Fictionalism is Fictitious

Miklós Márton and János Tőzsér
Mental Fictionalism As an Undermotivated Theory

Advisory Editor: James Beebe

Justin L. Barrett & Ian M. Church
Should CSR Give Atheists Epistemic Assurance? On Beer-Goggles, BFFs, and Skepticism Regarding Religious Beliefs

John Teehan
The Cognitive Bases of the Problem of Evil

Jason Marsh
Darwin and the Problem of Natural Nonbelief

Steven Horst
Notions of Intuition in the Cognitive Science of Religion

Adam Green
Cognitive Science and the Natural Knowledge of God

Paul Draper & Ryan Nichols
Diagnosing Bias in Philosophy of Religion

Konrad Talmont-Kaminski
For God and Country, Not Necessarily for Truth: The Nonalethic Function of Superempirical Beliefs

Robert Audi
The Scientific Study of Religion and the Pillars of Human Dignity

Advisory Editor: Dale Jacquette

Ian Rumfitt
Sense and Evidence

Martin Stokhof
Formal Semantics and Wittgenstein: An Alternative?

Terence Horgan
Original Intentionality is Phenomenal Intentionality

Anil Gupta
The Relationship of Experience to Thought

Laureano Luna
Indefinite Extensibility in Natural Language

Advisory Editors: Randall Dipert and David Hershenov

Roberta De Monticelli
Constitution and Unity: Lynn Baker and the Unitarian Tradition

Lynne Rudder Baker
Technology and the Future of Persons

Amie L. Thomasson
The Ontological Significance of Constitution

Tessa Jones
The Constitution of Events

Ingvar Johansson
Constitution as a Relation within Mathematics

Harold Noonan
Moderate Monism, Sortal Concepts, and Relative Identity

E.J. Lowe
Mereological Extensionality, Supplementation, and Material Constitution

Andrew Newman
On the Constitution of Solid Objects out of Atoms

Advisory Editor: Julian Dodd

Stephen Davies
On Defining Music

Michael Morris
The Meaning of Music

James O. Young
Resemblance, Convention, and Musical Expressiveness

Bence Nanay
Musical Twofoldness

Stefano Predelli
When Music Makes Sounds

David Davies
Enigmatic Variations

Aaron Ridley
Musical Ontology, Musical Reasons

Robert Kraut
Ontology: Music and Art

Advisory Editor: Juha Räikkä

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Thalia Wheatley
The Disunity of Morality and Why it Matters to Philosophy

Walter Glannon
Neuropsychological Aspects of Enhancing the Will

Julian Savulescu, Ingmar Persson
Moral Enhancement, Freedom, and the God Machine

Alfred Mele
Another Scientific Threat to Free Will?

Robyn Repko Waller
Beyond Button Presses: The Neuroscience of Free and Morally Appraisable Actions

Andrew Fenton
Neuroscience and the Problem of Other Animal Minds: Why It May Not Matter So Much for Neuroethics

Andy Lamey
Primitive Self-Consciousness and Avian Cognition

Juha Räikkä, Saul Smilansky
The Ethics of Alien Attitudes

Advisory Editor: James R. Beebe

Amie L. Thomasson
Experimental Philosophy and the Methods of Ontology

Jonathan M. Weinberg, Joshua Alexander, Chad Gonnerman, Shane Reuter
Restrictionism and Reflection: Challenge Deflected, or Simply Redirected?

Niki Pfeifer
Experiments on Aristotle’s Thesis: Towards an Experimental Philosophy of Conditionals

Florian Cova, Nicolas Pain
Can Folk Aesthetics Ground Aesthetic Realism?

Mark Alfano, James R. Beebe, Brian Robinson
The Centrality of Belief and Reflection in Knobe-Effect Cases: A Unified Account of the Data

Shaun Nichols
The Indeterminist Intuition: Source and Status

Chris Zarpentine, Heather Cipolletti, Michael Bishop
WINO Epistemology and the Shifting-Sands Problem

Ram Neta
Knowing from the Armchair that Our Intuitions Are Reliable

Advisory Editor: H.E. Baber
Multiculturalism And Cultural Diversity

H.E. Baber: Dilemmas of Multiculturalism: An Introduction
Roy L. Brooks: Cultural Diversity: It’s All About the Mainstream

Can Multiculturalism Be Liberal?

Erik Christensen: Revisiting Multiculturalism and Its Critics
Frederik Stjernfelt: Liberal Multiculturalism as Political Philosophy: Will Kymlicka

Group Rights

Stephen Biggs: Liberalism, Feminism, and Group Rights
Cindy Holder: Devolving Power to Sub-State Groups: Some Worries About the Worries

Liberal Democracies And Illiberal Minorities

Geoffrey Brahm Levey: Liberal Autonomy as a Pluralistic Value
Deen Chatterjee: Veiled Politics: The Liberal Dilemma of Milticulturalism

Cultural Diversity And Social Capital

Richard Thompson Ford: Cultural Rights Versus Civic Virtue?

Advisory Editor: Gillian Brock

Gillian Brock
Cosmopolitanism Versus Non-Cosmopolitanism: The State of Play

Richard W. Miller
Rawls and Global Justice: A Dispute over a Legacy

Kok-Chor Tan
Two Conceptions of Liberal Global Toleration

Simon Caney
Humanity, Associations, and Global Justice: In defence of humanity-centered cosmopolitan egalitarianism

Darrel Moellendorf
Cosmopolitanism and Compatriot Duties

Michael Blake
Coercion, Global Justice, and Political Association

Andrea Sangiovanni
Global Justice and the Moral Arbitrariness of Birth

Pablo Gilabert
Cosmopolitan Overflow

Rekha Nath
Equal Standing in the Global Community

Margaret Moore and Patti Lenard
Rooted cosmopolitanism and special duties

Advisory Editors: Simon Caney and Derek Bell

Simon Caney and Derek Bell

Avner de Shalit
Climate Change Refugees, Compensation and Rectification

Greg Bognar
Can the Maximin Principle Serve as a Basis for Climate Change Policy?

Avram Hiller
Climate Change and Individual Responsibility

Benjamin Hale
Nonrenewable Resources and the Inevitability of Outcomes

Derek Bell
Global Climate Justice, Historic Emissions and Excusable Ignorance

Edward Page
Climatic Justice and the Fair Distribution of Atmospheric Burdens: A Conjunctive Account

Darrel Moellendorf
A Right to Sustainable Development

Advisory Editor: Matthew H. Slater

Anjan Chakravartty
Scientific Realism and Ontological Relativity

Bence Nanay
What if Reality has No Architecture?

Devin Henry
Aristotle’s Pluralistic Realism

John T. Roberts
Extra-Physical Structure in a Physical World? or, Is the Study of Life Provincial?

Matthew C. Haug
Natural Properties and the Special Sciences: Nonreductive Physicalism without Levels of Reality or Multiple Realizability

Carrie Jenkins
Is Metaphysical Dependence Irreflexive?

Daniel Nolan
Categories and Ontological Dependence

Advisory Editor: Neil E. Williams

Sydney Shoemaker
Realization, Powers, and Property Identity

E.J. Lowe
How Not to Think of Powers: A Deconstruction of the ‘Dispositions and Conditionals’ Debate

John Heil
Powers and the Realization Relation

Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum
Spoils to the Vector: How to Model Causes If You Are a Realist About Powers

Jonathan D. Jacobs
Powerful Qualities, Not Pure Powers

Sungho Choi
Finkish Dispositions and Contextualism

Jessica Wilson
Non-Reductive Realization and the Powers-based Subset Strategy

Advisory Editor: Niccolò Guicciardini

Michael Friedman
A Post-Kuhnian Approach to the History and Philosophy of Science

Menachem Fisch
Toward a History and Philosophy of Scientific Agency

George E. Smith
Revisiting Accepted Science: The Indispensability of the History of Science

Domenico Bertoloni Meli
Patterns of Transformation in Seventeenth-Century Mechanics

Bence Nanay
Rational Reconstruction Reconsidered

A.W. Carus
The Pragmatics of Scientific Knowledge: Howard Stein’s Reshaping of Logical Empiricism

Gábor Á. Zemplén & Tamás Demeter
Being Charitable to Scientific Controversies: On the Demonstrativity of Newton’s Experimentum Crucis

Andrew Janiak
Substance and Action in Descartes and Newton

Advisory Editor: Richard Davies

Richard Davies
Intellectual Propriety

Rita Risser
Determinism, Creative Works and Proprietorship

Paul Taylor
Images and Stories

Laura Biron
Two Challenges to the Idea of Intellectual Property

Andrea Bottani
Intellectual Property as a Kind of Metaproperty

Massimiliano Carrara and Marzia Soavi
Copies, Replicas and Counterfeits of Artworks and Artifacts

Michael Wreen
The Ontology of Intellectual Property

James Wilson
Ontology and the Regulation of Intellectual Property

Jonathan Trerise
Against the Strength of Patent Protection

David Koepsell
Authorship and Artifacts: Remaking IP Law for Future Objects

Advisory Editors: Robin O. Andreasen and Ron Mallon

Sally Haslanger
Language, Politics and “The Folk”: Looking for “The Meaning” of ‘Race’

Bernard R. Boxill
“A Man’s a Man for All That”

Jorge J.E. Gracia
Racism: Negative and Positive?

Edouard Machery, Luc Faucher, and Daniel R. Kelly
On the Alleged Inadequacy of Psychological Explanations of Racism

Bence Nanay
Three Ways of Resisting Racism

Jonathan Michael Kaplan
When Socially Determined Categories Make Biological Realities: Understanding Black/White Health Disparities in the U.S.

Lawrence Blum
Racialized Groups: The Sociohistorical Consensus

Joshua Glasgow
The End of Historical Constructivism: Circularity, Redundancy, Indeterminacy

Christoph Fehige and Robert H. Frank
Feeling Our Way to the Common Good: Utilitarianism and the Moral Sentiments

Advisory Editor: Quentin Smith

Duncan Pritchard
Absurdity, Angst, and the Meaning of Life

David Heyd and Franklin G. Miller
Life Plans: Do They Give Meaning to our Lives?

Lisa Bortolotti
Agency, Life Extension, and the Meaning of Life

Laurence James
Activity and the Meaningfulness of Life

Bence Nanay
Group Selection and our Obsession with the Meaning of Life

Michael A. Almeida
Two Challenges to Moral Nihilism

Tim Oakley
The Issue is Meaninglessness

Shidan Lotfi
The ‘Purposiveness’ of Life: Kant’s Critique of Natural Teleology

Jason Murphy
Betting on Life: A Pascalian Argument for Seeking to Discover Meaning

Christoph Fehige and Robert H. Frank
Feeling Our Way to the Common Good: Utilitarianism and the Moral Sentiments